Celebrate!!! 2003

The Show: 26 Sept 2003

In the space of 3 hours we travelled the world and celebrated seasonal and religious festivals with people of all ages. Over 250 children and adults performed to a packed house at the Gordon Craig Theatre.

For all the reasons above and so much more, Celebrate!!! 2003 was a huge success.There were warm opening remarks from Barbara Follett, MP, the scene was set by a family learning about creation tales.  The show helped us to listen to each other, appreciate our diversity and enjoy the positive cultural effect we have on one another

Eric's Group brought street dancing to the stage     

The Season: Sept - Dec    

Building on the success of last year, we aim to involve more people in our great community project and promote Celebrate!!! at various public events. We will be using many different arts activities to engage with our communities and cater for all abilities. Proposed activities for this year’s event include workshops in mask-making, performance arts, world music, Street dance, poetry & International Cuisine

The theme this year is “celebrations” and is about how we celebrate seasonal or religious festivals around the world – such as Chinese New Year, May Day, Divali, or Carnival.

We aim to reach out to as many people as possible, and we will be taking part in Fun Days, summer festivals and run a series of mini-shows over a number of weekends in the main shopping centre. We hope you will join us and support us in our work to develop and enhance community life in Stevenage. 

Listen and Lunch- Makonde

Mr and Mrs Malde spoke extensively about their travels, the Makonde sculptures which they had collected and the Makonde tribe. Mr Malde explained how the sculptures reflect Makonde beliefs, unity, modern and abstract art. He also told us about the type of wood they used and how the sculptors could not be sure when they would hit a hollow part or a different coloured part in the wood, so the sculptures encompassed all these things.

It was a well turned out event, with people of all ages present… truly another Celebrate!!! success story, all in partnership with Stevenage Museum.


After the formalities of the photo shoot, you had to be quick to catch the rhymes flying as the laydees ‘n’ fellas were “spittin rhymes like wild fire”.

 In the informal setting of the library, the crowds were being heated up on a chilly November evening with guest performances from the dynamic Daniel Bryant both on the mic (with ‘education’) and the decks, and Suzanne Monroe who came like no other, a true vision of expressive talent with ‘Journey of Word’ and  ‘17 years old’. 

Then they made way and we saw performances from Daryl Goldson, Vincent Bramble, Jas Genesis and Ed Westwick. If talent could propose some people to be in the dictionary next to it, it would be these four guys…keep an eye out for them. Look out for more RAP ATTACK in the library in 2004.


With lyrical ingenuity, Dragonfly spoke straight from his heart

Stevenage Bengali Association showed some real model behaviour

We are pleased to say that Celebrate!!! was considered by all a tremendous success and the night ended with comedienne Angie Le Mar presenting The Campbell-Younge Award for outstanding service in the community, to Errol John for his life-long commitment and dedication to the people of Stevenage.  More information

Our Mission
: Celebrate!!! brings together the diversity of international culture in Stevenage to promote unity by sharing experience, knowledge & skills.

To forge strong bonds between cultures  Break the barriers of discrimination and build bridges Encourage & develop community capacity
Raise awareness of ethnicity and diversity through Arts and Leisure activities  Share skills and knowledge within the community

            Supported by:                

Stevenage Borough Council and the Single Regeneration Budget